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This masterclass will help your student to build a strong foundation on reading skills.

They will understand how to enhance students' ability to recognize words quickly and accurately.

It will give people a clarity why their kids are making mistakes and struggling to read despite of Sending them to good tuitions,schools and getting everything possible.

Your kids will understand how sounds are represented by letters, how they can apply phonics rules to spell words correctly and make informed spelling choices.

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Last Month she  got awarded In Mumbai 

as the best online Creative teacher for early learners.

She is an experienced and dedicated teacher who specialises in phonics instruction. With an impressive teaching track record, She has successfully taught over 500+ students online and more than 1000+ students offline, making a positive impact on their literacy development. Her teaching experience spans seven years, allowing her to refine her instructional strategies and cater to the diverse needs of her students

She is on a mission to empower millions of people out there for the bright future of their kids.

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Even if the information is available on the internet, has it changed your life? You’re still suffering the same problem, which means there’s more to the puzzle than you thought, there’s no mentor, guiding and showing you the right path, In this masterclass, you’ll discover a proven path to master your language journey  without tests and trials, without wasting your time on failed practices, your path to success will be much shorter.

This masterclass is about transformation, not information. You’ll break your limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals, you’ll explore a new world of opportunity and possibility, you’ll be guided, you’ll be supported.

You can show your knowledge is a credible source of knowledge coming from real implementation and experience plus it is structured whereas, on the internet, anyone can come up and give knowledge that is random and not going to help them. 

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The “Phonics” is a 3-hours Live Value Packed Masterclass.

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