Gift your children, the perfect antidote to their reading limitations

Our program is designed to help you unlock the door to your child’s reading potential. Give them a headstart on a lifetime of learning with a clear and systematic approach that teaches them how to read. Parents can avail our courses for their kids as soon as they turn 18 months old

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Teaching them how to read doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride

Let me show you where to start, how to proceed and most importantly how to keep them engaged throughout the course. No prior teaching experience required.

Enhance your child's reading journey with us.

Learning to read is crucial for children, as it significantly affects their academic and social performance in school. Unfortunately, in traditional classroom settings, many children face difficulties in acquiring this skill.

However, the good news is that you can take matters into your own hands and teach your child to read, thus helping them overcome this challenge.

If the answer to any of the Questions is YES, then I do understand what you & your child are going through?

Remember, you are not alone who is feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and helpless – Perhaps there are hundreds and thousands of parents like you out there looking for a possible solution…I have known and met many over the last 8 years. And I’m glad to inform you, that you’ve reached the right place!!!

Why Your Child Need Phonics

If Your Child Struggling with reading words & sentences in English?

Do you want your child to start reading at a very young age & build early foundation for their success?

Does your child lack in self-confidence when it comes to reading?

Do they have poor reading, spelling and comprehension abilities, which is hampering their progress?

Are they not even skilled & equipped enough to read up to their minimum grade levels?

Are you sick & tired of trying every program available online or offline with little to no results?

Do you really want them to be confident and progressive in their academic success?

I'm a Parent, too.

I know first-hand how packed your calendar and to-do list are, and I’ve designed Growing Roots can Read with your family in mind.

Easy Access

You get on-demand access to your courses on any internet-enabled device, so you can go at your family's pace.

Easy Approach

Each course includes step-by-step lessons and printable guides so you can feel confident you're on the right track.

Easy Activities

I help you make learning fun, just two or three minutes at a time, so even super wiggly kiddos stay focused and.

Reading Roadmap - Every course includes:

Engaging and video-based curriculum for Students

Lifetime access to our comprehensive course and app

Expertly-crafted sample lesson plan and templates

Extensive library of helpful downloads and printables

Toddlers CAN Read Facebook Group

Unlimited 1:1 support from Vrinda Batra

Bonus Course: Your Toddler's Behavior

Offers 30-day money-back guarantee

Meet Our Teacher

Vrinda Batra

Phonics Teacher

Vrinda Batra, being a teacher for 10+ years and mom of a toddler understands how important it is to strengthen the roots of a child for a better personal growth. Diminishing reading habits built a problem of poor Phonics. Vrinda decided to take charge of the crux of the problem and developed a course to build Phonics roots in children. 

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Our programs provide a comprehensive learning experience for your children to study with us!

Phonics is the key to unlocking your little ones' reading potential.

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