Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

The program is designed and created to help and guide you in every way possible, where you can learn from the easy to follow, step-by-step lessons, to help you train your child in the skills of reading. Everything you need to become your child’s teacher is all there. And believe me, it is super easy and fun to implement all the lessons and transform them into a super, champion reader.

Generally, there are two camps of people:

  • Those who believe toddlers can’t learn to read unless they were born with some special ability other children just don’t have.
  • Those who believe many toddlers learn to read, and it comes naturally as children are read to.

Both camps get it wrong.

‍It’s a myth that toddlers need to be born special in some way to read early. But it’s also a myth that it’s common for toddlers to learn to read early. It’s not.

‍In reality, toddlers CAN learn to read—but only if they’re taught how to read in a way that makes sense.

I’ll never say your child “should” be reading before kindergarten. But I’ll also never say they “shouldn’t.” That’s a personal decision for you to make based on what you think is best for your child. If you want to help your child read before kindergarten, I’ll show you how.

The shorter answer: You can teach your little one to read in 5-10 minutes/day. Follow the guidance from the course, stay consistent, and you’ll be amazed by what they (and you) can accomplish.

The longer answer: Learning time varies from child to child and family to family, but your little one CAN learn to read. Working with them for a small chunk of time each day will be more effective than long chunks of time that are inconsistent.

Initially, you’ll just take what your little one gives you. It may be as short as 30 seconds or as long as 3 minutes. But focus is a skill, just like any other, that can be built and increased over time with practice.

When you’re getting started, focus less on the time and more on just getting started. Keep it consistent and build a routine

You don’t need them to sit still or focus for long periods of time! I show you how to play games with the sounds so your little one has fun and gets to move around and interact with the sounds.

Honestly, this is one of the biggest reasons I decided to teach my son to read early. I was a struggling reader growing up, and I wanted my son to have a better experience than I did.


I have families taking my courses who have master’s degrees and PhDs, and I have families taking my courses who struggle to read themselves or have learning disabilities. At this level of reading, it’s really not about who’s more educated or who’s the better reader. It’s about who’s willing to make the time and follow through (with the right activities!).


You get lifetime access to all course materials: 5 hours of videos/course, 

Step by step lesson plan each day 

Along with this the Phonics Edition will be delivered at your place where you will get all the activities and games story cards books (Hard copy) 

 a full model lesson, a full lesson plan, an app to watch the course, helpful handouts, access to our private Facebook group, and 1:1 support from me anytime you need it!

Well, First I wanna hug you and tell you are the best parent having everything what your child wants. Trust me having book to read will do nothing but can only be used for narrating story.


We all have heard less is more..

Most of the books available for reading have a mix of rules .

If you have decided to go for a structured program what you need are the steps that can be done on a plane paper as well.


For instance:

The black cat is wearing a cute dress.

The above sentence has following rules

Black–    ck used at the end  for /k/ sound\

Cute– MAgic E

Dress- Floss rule 

Wearing – ea vowel team


So if you are starting a reading journey for your child is this book gonna help you?

Or is it gonna create confusion ?

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